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The software solution for forensic medicine

SHADOW is a modern, future-oriented, and multi-departmental software solution. This comprehensive software solution was developed in close cooperation with various departments of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bern. SHADOW optimally supports both the technical requirements and the process environment of the Institute. K2 blackpearl was used for the presentation and implementation of the existing work processes at the Institute. Graphically modeled processes are 1 to 1 in lightFlow and implemented in the application. The users are optimally supported in their demanding daily work through the integrated processes in SHADOW.

User-friendliness and flexibility

The SHADOW user interface is intuitive making it quick and easy to navigate through the different areas. The existing task bar gives you a valuable overview of all open data elements such as views, documents, reports, or a current state of open and unfinished tasks. Complement the existing screens with new properties by Customizing existing designs and layouts to suit your needs.

Easy communication with other systems

One of the success factors of SHADOW is the full integration and ease of communication with external systems and existing data structures. Communication is via Web services, XML, or a customizable interface enables easy data exchange and functionality with upstream and downstream systems.

Open, object-oriented architecture

The object-oriented architecture of the entire SHADOW solution provides you with full search and reporting options and brings you the desired transparency to your data. Define your own search filters or group your data within grids at will. As the administrator, you are free to adjust the SHADOW presentation screens to your liking and save the new settings without leaving your work. SHADOW manages different views and settings depending on the user and thus provides maximum flexibility and individuality.

Simple reporting

The integrated report generator allows you to customize existing reports or create new evaluations with a simple click of a button. Copy the supplied standard reports and change them according to your wishes. Access the complete data model of SHADOW and select any table’s fields, sort, group, or change graphics and logos. In just a few minutes you have created your own first report. Once customized you can distribute them in various formats for instance, pdf, xls, xml, htm, ps, and csv.