No investment without benefit

  • Use of TITAN pays off from the first minute:
  • No investment for acquiring devices
  • No costs for the infrastructure
  • Fast recording of services rendered
  • Work performance overview of all employee and/or projects at a glance
  • Reduction of the administrative work for the time tracking and billing
  • Automatic performance billing in your ERP program (PROFFIX simply Business or other)

Individual features extensions are possible at any time

No matter how or where your employees do the customer orders, for each area in the company there is an appropriate application of TITAN



At a glance you recognize manual changes of time tracking, knowledge of the current load assessment, information about remaining hours of the projects.

TITAN Mobile

TITAN Mobile

  • Minutes exact time tracking
  • Recording expenses on current activities
  • Recording of absences
  • Online synchronisation
TITAN Connector

TITAN Connector

Connect TITAN with PROFFIX or another ERP system. The combination of both systems allows you to eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming steps.

Main features

  • Overview of the employees and their hours worked
  • Project and utilization hours
  • Flexi-time, vacation and time balance
  • Interactive calendar with activity overview
  • Time sheet with all paid activities
  • Management of projects, customers, employees and activities
  • Recording and assignment of mobile devices
  • Assignment of projects and activities (per employee)
  • Define external and internal cost rates per activity and / or project
  • Send messages to individual or all employees
  • Virtual dashboard

Can you answer with yes to these questions?

  • Do you spend hours filling out paper reports of your employees by hand?
  • Do you desire mobility and the flexibility to conduct time management activities?
  • Do you need to do the dividing line between order and directed transfer by hand?
  • Every month, do you lose hours of potentially productive time by filling out time reports?

It's time to make a small investment in time