ChatGPT for your in-destination experiences

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Introducing Marco

An AI-powered chatbot that provides precise recommendations for in-destination experiences, ensuring an unforgettable trip for your guests
A groundbreaking  chatbot capable of engaging in detailed conversations with your customers
Marco effectively interprets complex inquiries and responds to guests' follow-up questions
Driven by OpenAI's GPT and Turneo's proprietary technology

Real recommendations

Marco only provides answers based on what is listed in your Turneo experience store, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing “hallucinations”
Guests receive personalised recommendations  - reducing painful scrolling and improving conversion

Seamless booking

Marco is connected to your Turneo experience stores, facilitating seamless bookings for recommended experiences
Provides a new channel for selling both in-house and third party experiences, all from the same platform

Hassle-Free Implementation

Marco arrives pre-configured for your Turneo experience store, allowing customers to book experiences via the chat interface
Marco works instantly - no need to train or generate new content.  Simply activate it, and you're good to go
All bookings are automatically synced with your Turneo experience store