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Use experiences to elevate your brand

Join top hotel chains with experience-led marketing strategies, inspiring travelers with what they care about most
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selling experiences activities and ancillaries to guests
Add hotel experiences to your hotel website to increase traffic, increase engagement, and improve conversion

Elevate your offer

Offer bookable experiences on your website, and give guests more than a hotel room
  • Boost traffic by making your website a go-to destination for holiday inspiration, information, and booking
  • Increase engagement with inspirational, and informative content that actually shows guests what they can do
  • Improve conversion through bookable links and live availability, delivering on guest expectations of how to book

Tailor to your guests

Give guests the exact experiences they are looking for, using data and personalisation
Personalise hotel guest emails

Learn from real-time data

Find out which experiences get browsed, booked and recommended most often

See and share guest feedback

Give your guests authentic insights from like-minded travelers, to increase conversion

Personalize every communication

Match in-depth data to detailed preferences for tailored messages in guest email and chat

Grow your audience

Showcase experiences on your social media channels, and engage future travellers
  • Promote online presence with exciting videos of things to do, shown to increase engagement and clicks
  • Attract new audiences through tapping into growing trends like wellness, fine-dining, or authentic local activities
  • Create community by connecting travelers through shared experiences, and igniting their fear of missing out
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Improve hotel social media through local and in-house experiences
With other solutions, it’s taken months to set up and still not worked the way we wanted it. With Turneo, we made the decision to turn it on and the next day we were receiving online bookings.

We’ve been blown away by how simple and effective their solution is.
Sales Manager
Ilirija Resort

Starting with Turneo has never been easier

In less than a week you could be selling and managing all your experiences online.

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