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June 24, 2023

Aminess unveils new experience platform

50 organizers, 5 destinations and 100+ experiences - all live in under 4 weeks

Over 80% of experiences rated 4 or 5 stars by guests


Aminess Hotels and Resorts is an innovative hotel chain that operates 22 hotels, campsites and holiday homes across Croatia. They cater to all types of guests, from their extensive Atea Camping resort on the island of Krk to their five-star Khalani Beach Hotel down south in Makarska. With digital ambitions and an innovative culture, Aminess constantly seeks out new solutions that will help them create inspirational experiences for their guests.


Experiences have long been important to Aminess: with their own-brand tour agency Go Adria and with partnerships across more than 50 experience providers nationwide. From day trips, to diving, from local boat tours, all the way through to their very own wine trail - Aminess prides itself on offering something for everyone.

However, with so much on offer, finding an effective digital solution - one that not only made it easier for guests to book, but also made it simpler for Aminess to manage - was proving difficult.


Within four weeks of starting work with Turneo, Aminess was ready to launch 5 regional digital experience stores - each one filled with experiences specific to that region, and in total offering more than 100 things for their guests to do during their stay.

Despite many organizers having never worked digitally before, with Turneo’s expert guidance it wasn’t long before they were accepting and managing multiple online bookings a day.
Thanks Turneo team! Lightning implementation speed - only a couple of weeks from 'hello we are Turneo' to 'bookings are flying in'
Vladislav Valiček, Digital Project Manager at Aminess
Turneo has always been responsive, with very clear and helpful communication. Thanks to the whole team for your always pleasant approach - I hope that the next season will be even better!
Petar Grgasović, Palladium Makarska


Thousands of Aminess guests were inspired by the amazing experiences offered. Not only that, but the organizers working with Aminess, were also thrilled with the result: over half had received bookings within a month of signing up to the platform.

It’s not just quantity, but quality as well. Over 80% of guest reviews for Aminess’ experiences have been rated 4 or 5 star and they continue to come in, long after the end of peak season. It’s onwards and upwards for Aminess experiences! Working in close partnership with Turneo, Aminess quickly started to see results - all tracked and aggregated by the Turneo platform.
I feel like a little child - constantly refreshing and refreshing to see if new bookings arrived - totally hooked!
Nataša Host, Destination Project Manager at Aminess
Great product, great platform! What you've built aligns perfectly with the priorities of hotel chains today.
Vladislav Valiček, Digital Project Manager at Aminess

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